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Is there something like a Good or Bad time?

There are much yoga present in the horoscope such as gaj-Kesari yoga, Laxmi yoga, raj yoga, etc and they are considered to be very lucky. but does everyone has this yoga present in their horoscopes? The yoga present in the… Continue Reading →

How does Dasha cause changes?

To understand the Dasha and Mahadasha completely e need to look at the Dasha and Mahadasha chart. we need to carefully look at two different periods of time to get the information about this. We need to look at the… Continue Reading →

Which Yog and planets are connected to Children?

Child Birth is a  natural phenomenon for any human being. However simultaneously this is also not it true that everybody is not blessed with children. Some of the people have been bereft of this beautiful gift, while some others are… Continue Reading →

Can Planets tell about the problems of Childbirth?

Planets show the life pattern of a human being and the balance or imbalance caused by that person in nature. Many people who have bad food habits or take products with toxins on a regular basis which leads to problems… Continue Reading →

Types of chart in astrology.

Ever wondered how astrologers can predict the future or pinpoint the faults in it? This is possible due to the charts that describe your life from your past life information, your present and even the way you are going to… Continue Reading →

How to solve pregnancy related problems

Pregnancy is that time in the life of women where she realizes the true value of her life and the life inside her. A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, the past forgotten… Continue Reading →

What is mangal dosh?

Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun are described as cruel planets in Vedic astrology. Mars being the cruelest planet of all affects a person’s birth horoscope. Mars is a symbol of fire and hence is the most harmful planet for… Continue Reading →

How is astrology associated with child birth?

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful phases of anyone’s life. We expend sleeplessness, bedtime tantrum, expensive childcare and many more efforts in raising little humans because it can be one of the most gratifying, surprising, hilarious adventures of our… Continue Reading →

Does the moon affect human consciousness?

We know that the ‘ tides ‘ originate due to the gravitational pull of the moon. Celestial bodies attract each other constantly like magnets i.e. known as Gravitational force. However, as the gravitational force of Earth is much stronger than… Continue Reading →

What can be known about Civil Jobs using horoscopes?

In any person’s horoscope, if the relation between the first house and sun or the first house and Saturn is in a dominant position, then that person can provide government-related services. Dr. Dhara Patel says that first house inside our… Continue Reading →

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