There are much yoga present in the horoscope such as gaj-Kesari yoga, Laxmi yoga, raj yoga, etc and they are considered to be very lucky. but does everyone has this yoga present in their horoscopes? The yoga present in the horoscope of a person shows how much potential is there in that person’s life. If any yoga is present in horoscope then it will form sooner or later but the formation of this you will surely happen, but to know about the further details of the formation of the yoga in the horoscope we first need to look at the Kaal, which plays a crucial role in determining the importance of any yoga since, the yoga has no effect till the kaal is not right.

There are many people with some very good yoga present in their horoscopes some of which are Gaj Kesari yoga, Laxmi yoga, raj yoga, and many others. If a person has Laxmi yoga in his horoscope which signifies the presence of money in the life of that person but still they might be unable to get enough money in life, then it might be essentially because the right time or the right Kaal has not yet arrived due to which the yoga has not yet been formed.

Also at the same time, there are many people who have really bad yogas but still, they do not face many difficulties in their lives, all such events where the yoga is shown in the horoscope but it is not showing any effect on the life that person currently happens only because that particular yoga has not been formed till now and hence it will affect only after certain time when it has been formed.

Hence in order to form any yoga the right time and the right, Kaal is needed, without any of these the yoga will not get formed no matter how strong the effect it has. And hence there is a defined time and kaal for each yoga present in the horoscope of a person. So in the case where a person has Laxmi yoga if the person does not have enough money it means that after the time when this yoga formation will happen according to the horoscope then it will affect that person’s life and only then the person will get a lot of money in his life and not before that.

Similarly, if the time for formation of the bad yogas has not yet arrived the person might have an easy and happy life but as soon as these yogas are formed that person starts facing hardships in life and has to face a lot of difficulties after that time but the life before that will seem to be very normal.

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