The most important factor to be taken into consideration while selecting the right profession is the exalted planet or group of strongest planets in the horoscope. Career Horoscope can only say about a person’s natural aptitude or learning for a specific profession. The main problem that comes after giving exams and choosing the right field for the future is to pass in an interview. to know what will happen in the interview we need to refer to the seventh house f the horoscope. we need to check the position of the seventh house in order to do so.

While appearing for an exam the seventh house should not be afflicted. if at that point of time the seventh house is afflicted then the chances of failing the interview increase a lot. when there is Rahu or Ketu in the seventh house, then they might have to appear for the exam twice. also while appearing for the interview the eleventh house needs to very powerful in order to succeed n that interview. since it is directly connected to the profit.  that is, it helps to determine whether one will be successful in the interview or not. if the 11th house is having Dasha or Andardasha or Pratyantardasha at the time of the interview then the chances of passing the interview fairly rise.

During the time of the interview, one should also look at the mercury in the horoscope, if the mercury levels are afflicted at that point in time then it might get difficult to successfully pass the interview. it happens so because mercury is directly related to extra sensitive is very important to look at nakshatra on the day of the interview, it is a very deep concept. if any nakshatra is not in the right form then we should donations for that star. for example, if there is nakshatra in Janmtara then a donation of salt will help and benefit in improving its state.also seventh house should be made powerful as it is connected to interviews.

According to Dr. Dhara Patel, The strength of the Lord of the 10th House plays an important role in order to provide a proper career prediction. Also, The placement of the Lord of the 10th House is very important to check the same.  The dignity of the planets in your Navamsha Chart plays a crucial role in determining whether selection in an interview will take place or not. Hence all these factors should always be considered before appearing for an interview for any job or profession.

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