The Kendrum Yoga is one of the most notorious Graha Dosh in the horoscope that most of us have.  According to Dr. Dhara Patel, Kemadrum Yoga happens when there are no planets in both sides of the planet Moon in the chart. It is associated with the moon. when there are planets present before or after the path of the moon and even with it then this leads to the formation of Kendrum Yog. Here Rahu and Ketu are not considered in fact even the sun is not considered.

Hence it means whenever the moon is completely isolated from all other planets then only this condition can lead to the formation of the Kendrum Yog. it is associated with the moon since the moon is associated with the consciousness and alertness of the human body. Whenever the consciousness of the human body does not remain stable then that person has to face a lot of consequences due to this.

Kendra Yog is formed if the second and twelfth house from the Moon is vacant. It is also formed when the Moon is not aspected by an auspicious planet or is not in association with an auspicious planet. Rahu and Ketu are not analyzed when we talk about Kemdrum Yoga. If any person has Kendrum Yog then his / her mind and body won’t be stale he/she will have a lot of thoughts in mind, but this seems to be normal because almost every person has a huge amount of thoughts but they can be differentiated by their habit of reacting to those thoughts.

Whereas most of the people after they get thought before reacting they understand what the thought and whether it is worthy enough to react or not but this is not the case with the people with Kendrum Yog, they tend to react faster without thinking of the consequences that their thoughts would lead to.

So it means that in general, any person would first consider his thoughts and its consequences and all other things in his mind but the person with Kendrum Yog won’t d this. this is mainly because the person with Kendrum Yog has no planet before or after him which means that there is nothing to stop him from doing his actions. the absence of any planet leads to the absence of a stopping force in these people’s reaction process. Whereas others who have planets after or before them have a stopping force that asks them to rethink about the decisions and thoughts. these kinds of people are less impulsive whereas the people with Kendrum Yog are extremely impulsive.

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