Many astrologers say that this is associated with poverty. a person is considered poor due to many factors and not just monetary affairs. if for any person the sixth house is connected to the Kendrum Yog then the sixth house represents job and diseases of the person.

Which means that either the person will change job very frequently or not have job satisfaction in his life and hence will never be happy in his life with his job or if it is related to disease then this person is very conscious of any disease fr example a person might take a lot of medicines even if there is very less or no fever in some case. or that person will do a lot of experiments on himself which might lead to his health issues, hence it does not mean that the person has any health problem by birth.

Whereas if someone’s Kendrum Yog is associated with the seventh house, the seventh house is related to married life and partner. it means that no matter how good the partner is but he/she will never be able to live with happiness. Kendrum dosh can give a creative mind, spiritual inclination, and a disciplined lifestyle, and a person with this yoga has to blindly follow that righteous path. That is the only remedy. The ultimate aim of Kemnrum dosh is to take the human to trust only in the Lord almighty.

This lonely moon helps the natives to realize that the real motive of the soul is to rest with our creator as we are just mortal human beings and our entire dependency should not be in mortal human beings, but in that immortal force who created this entire universe. There are many successful people with this dosh so, no one has to fear the dire consequences written in ancient texts. But we don’t have to take that account by words but the psychological implication is very important. We have live examples too.

Kendrum Yog/ dosh doesn’t make anyone poor, even Bill Gates has this yoga. All that people with this dosh have to keep our mind alert to Make the Moon happy through the righteous ways. So actually, at last, it does not really make a difference if you try ways with which you can reduce its ill effects and hence you will be able to control this Dosh.

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