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How should people with Kendrum Yog choose their career ?

The people who have Kendrum Yog are very impatient and unstable and hence it is advised that these people should choose a career that offers them no stability in terms of a business or job. They won’t be able to… Continue Reading →

Wealth in Astrology – Dr. Dhara Patel

According to the horoscope of any person, thee houses are taken into consideration to check the wealth of a person. The 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses in the horoscope of a person give us the right information about the… Continue Reading →

How to Know about the right time for yoga formation?

To know about the right kaal for the formation of any particular yoga we need to look at the Dasha and  Mahadasha. Maha Dasha is called after the Great period in a person’s life. A particular stretch of time in… Continue Reading →

Names By Rashi

What happens if a person keeps his name according to his Rashi or what happens if he does not? In Vedic astrology, Nakshatra is given more importance than Rashi which means that if a person is born in a given… Continue Reading →

Manglik and Mangal Dosh

If someone’s marriage is delayed or even for a person with broken marriage people usually say that their mangal is responsible for all this happening in their marriage life. Manglik Dosha is a common dosh found in a Kundali, considered… Continue Reading →

How Mangal Dosh affects marriage?

When mangal is present in the ist, 4th,7th, 8th and the 12th house and if these houses are related to any negative or ill effects which means a relation with any negative planet that is with Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, then… Continue Reading →

Can Mangal Dosh lead to death?

It is often said that mangal dosh can result in the death of the spouse.but is it actually true? Can this dosh really lead to death? is it really that powerful so as to cause death?  According to Dr. Dhara… Continue Reading →

Is Kendrum dosh connected to poverty?

Many astrologers say that this is associated with poverty. a person is considered poor due to many factors and not just monetary affairs. if for any person the sixth house is connected to the Kendrum Yog then the sixth house… Continue Reading →

What is Kendrum Yog?

The Kendrum Yoga is one of the most notorious Graha Dosh in the horoscope that most of us have.  According to Dr. Dhara Patel, Kemadrum Yoga happens when there are no planets in both sides of the planet Moon in… Continue Reading →

Interview Selection

The most important factor to be taken into consideration while selecting the right profession is the exalted planet or group of strongest planets in the horoscope. Career Horoscope can only say about a person’s natural aptitude or learning for a… Continue Reading →

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