The people who have Kendrum Yog are very impatient and unstable and hence it is advised that these people should choose a career that offers them no stability in terms of a business or job. They won’t be able to stick to a single thing in life and hence won’t be able to do only one single job in their lives since their mind is quite unstable and it doesn’t allow them to do so.

Such people should do marketing related jobs or jobs in the public relations department since these jobs are flexible. In fact, they can even do any season-related work since that work changes every season and hence maintains the instability that they have in their lives or any other business which a short life cycle and is changed frequently will help to support the imbalance in their thoughts. these people are gifted with a special ability that if they advise any person to do anything in their lives and if that person does that thing then he /she is assured of success but the negative aspect of this ability is that these people cannot implement such advice in their own lives.

This is mainly due to their instability of thoughts and restless mind. But at the same time, it has been found that the people with Kendrum Dosh feel very confident and positive. It is often noticed that the people who have power, position, and authority do have Kendrum Dosh. Generally, the person with Kemdrum Dosh performs really good in the field of administration as ministers or bureaucrats. Despite all the positive aspects of the Kendrum Dosh, the person also has to suffer a point of time in his /her life. Hence, it is extremely imperative to take precautionary measures to reduce its effect.
How can the effect of Kendrum Yog be decreased?
In order to neutralize the malefic effect of the Kendrum Dosh on any person, one must first check to neutralize the malefic effect of the Kendrum Dosh. If there is Kendrum Dosh in the birth chart of any person and the planet Moon is getting aspect of all the nearby planets, then the Kendrum Yoga gets canceled, so this way it might help in reducing its ill effects.

If the planet Moon is posited in an auspicious house along with beneficial planets like Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, then the Kendrum Yoga in your chart will get neutralized. Whereas, if the planet Moon is posited in its exaltation in the 10th house and getting aspect of Jupiter, the Kendurm Dosh will get nullified. When there is Kendrum Dosh in the Kendra due to the Moon and the Moon is getting the seventh aspect of powerful Jupiter, then the nefarious Dosh gets canceled.

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