If someone’s marriage is delayed or even for a person with broken marriage people usually say that their mangal is responsible for all this happening in their marriage life. Manglik Dosha is a common dosh found in a Kundali, considered astrologically bad. It is usually held responsible for any problems faced before marriage or in marriage life or even a reason for a broken marriage too.

A person born under the influence of Mars (Mangala) as per Hindu astrology is said to have “Mangal Dosh” (“mars defect”); such a person is called a Mangli or Manglik. According to the superstition, the marriage between a Manglik and a non-Manglik is disastrous. but what is it actually to be Manglik? and how to check if one is Manglik or not?  and most importantly, is it wrong for a Manglik to marry a non-Manglik? could this lead to death? The word Manglik is closely related to the word mangal.  Mars is called Mangal in Sanskrit and an astrological situation.

This astrological situation is formed whenever in any person’s horoscope in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house there is mangal which means it is present in any of these houses then it means that that person is Manglik.if seen this way then it is found that approximately in the horoscopes of fifty percent people, which is a huge number, mangal is found and hence it is quite common.

Also to check if the person is Manglik or not one has to check the Chandra Kundli and Guru Kundli along with this as well. The Chandra Kundli or Moon Chart is derived from Lagna Kundli or Birth Chart by placing the Moon in the Lagna of a blank Kundli & then writing its zodiac, through which it is seen to be transitting in the Lagna Kundli in the Lagna.

Other houses are then filled after seeing the Lagna Kundli. And it is seen that after considering these three things there are seventy-five percent people who can be said to be Manglik. So it is not just a few numbers of people who have this dosh rather the majority of people have this. Also, it is one of the various misconceptions that being Mangalik is something bad or to be worried about, basically, and often, it is beneficial for the person.

However, such a Manglik person has high self-esteem, which often turns into egos and hence pose problems when it comes to going along with others.

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