What happens if a person keeps his name according to his Rashi or what happens if he does not? In Vedic astrology, Nakshatra is given more importance than Rashi which means that if a person is born in a given nakshatra then that nakshatra should be considered while keeping the name of that person which is considered to be good in terms of luck.

The nakshatra in which moon is present, it is considered lucky to keep the name in terms of that nakshatra. while looking at the nakshatra, we need to look at the charan, so first, we need to check that the person was born in which particular charan and only after looking and studying that charan we should keep the name. The nakshatra in which moon is present, it is considered lucky since the moon is closely connected to our consciousness and our mood and consciousness leads our whole life, whenever we listen to our name it attracts us and whatever attracts us its energy will ultimately transfer to our body.

And it also causes a change in our Rashi. The house in the horoscope to which the Rashi is connected, that particular house gets activated which means that whenever we listen to our name, again and again, it provides that Rashi with a particular positive strength and energy. But here one more thing is to be taken care of which is if the Rashi is connected to the malefic planets or fit is in the malefic house which are the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses respectively, then the name should not be kept according to that Rashi.

Also, there is some nakshatra which should not be considered while keeping the names of any person. Hence a person will attract positive energy if the name is kept according to the Rashi and the nakshatra of that person whereas even negative energy can be accepted if proper care is not taken while naming the person. As a result, Rashi affects our consciousness and our consciousness affects our mind and the mind is the most important part needed for the working of anybody or even the whole earth.

If someone’s name is not according to the Rashi then he should listen to the Beej Swar of their nakshatra and should repeat that particular Swar and this can prove to be beneficial for them. For some people, whose names do not suit their Rashi, they should try to repeat the mantras of their Rashi which can really help them and prove to be very beneficial.

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