To understand the Dasha and Mahadasha completely e need to look at the Dasha and Mahadasha chart. we need to carefully look at two different periods of time to get the information about this. We need to look at the Antardasha and Mahadasha. whenever Mahadasha is about to experience some kind of a change then a significant change is observed in the behaviour of that person, since the Dasha and Mahadasha are closely related to the Moon.

Hence the first noticeable change will be observed in the attitude and the behaviour of that person. Different MahaDasha influence different aspects of our life which are ruled by that particular planet. What effects a particular planet will exert in one’s life are entirely dependent on the position of that planet in the horoscope along with an overall reading. Still, the aspects that will get affected are the ones governed by the planet. Since the Sun governs high position in career, achievements especially in the areas of politics and government, hence it adds the charm to our personality and also make people attract towards us.

It governs Fame, authority and success in careers. The sun Mahadasha also relates to our Father. If it’s placed well, it will give highly auspicious results. In case the Sun is badly placed, it will affect the above-mentioned fields in adverse ways. It can also create problems related to our heart and eyesight. Also if look at the Moon mahadasha, since Moon rules our emotions, thinking, general well-being and feminine presence in our chart.

Hence, all these areas are likely to come in limelight in this Dasha period of 10 years. If placed well, this period will give a physical well being along with mental peace and emotional richness. The females related to the subject will also receive added benefits from this period. Emotions, sensitivity, romance and marriage will gain prominence along with all the fields close to a subject’s hearts. Public recognition and honour are also facilitated. In case the moon is not so well placed, the related fields suffer a setback.

The problems of insomnia, lethargy, cough and cold, spleen and gastric disorders also come into play from the ill placement of the planet. Similarly, in the case of Ketu, it is the planet of spiritual enlightenment and detachment from everything which seems to be materialistic. In a materialistically inclined horoscope, Ketu may endow sorrows, losses and miseries and other negative feelings. In a spiritually inclined horoscope, it may give a great deal of spirituality and asterism to the person. Ketu gives good results when placed in proper houses imparting mystical and psychic experiences. Still, the outcome of the period may be varied. similarly, we look at other Mahadashas such as Mars Mahadasha, Rahu Mahadasha, Jupiter Mahadasha, etc.

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