Child Birth is a  natural phenomenon for any human being. However simultaneously this is also not it true that everybody is not blessed with children. Some of the people have been bereft of this beautiful gift, while some others are there who want it but are unable to have it due to some reasons.

We know it’s all about the biological phenomenon. But the biological phenomenon is just a part of a larger phenomenon governed by celestial bodies. Planets can never prove to be obstacles, they just help us to know which connections a person is going to have in the future. The work on the principle on RunanuBandhan which means the connection of one soul to another. Till the time of this connection does not arrive till then there will be a delay in conceiving a child. And also it is possible that if in the horoscope of some person this does not show up then that person might not be able to have their children.

But here planets are not responsible for this rather it is primarily due to physical reasons. Life of any person is influencing and getting influenced by the lives of people around and related to him. The opposite and equal reaction of KARMA theory is operating in the form of relationships. To understand astrologic principals, the need for interpretation of formulas in the form of a definite mathematical methodology is essential. The mathematical numbers are one to nine and zero as a circle of infinite radius, in the cosmos through various permutation and combinations formulate and draw a path of human life.

Every individual has definite and unique codified genes of specifically programmed to trigger at a specified time as a resultant reaction of earlier action or actions of previous birth. Hence this is not based on the planets and they cannot be held responsible for any person rather it is due to the physical reasons as mentioned above. The response of coupling depends on the position of these codified genes in the path of human life drawn in the cosmos. The science of astrology not only reveals about the likelihood of producing children but it also tells about their development, education, married life and much more which is beyond the comprehension of contemporary streams of science.

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