Planets show the life pattern of a human being and the balance or imbalance caused by that person in nature. Many people who have bad food habits or take products with toxins on a regular basis which leads to problems that are caused by the imbalance created by their ill food habits in nature. Also, there are many people who have such problems by birth such people might have deficiencies which cause an imbalance in nature.

According to mythology, whenever matchmaking takes place in both the husband’s and wife ‘s horoscope the Naadi Dosh is taken into consideration which means that if both of them have the same Naadi their respective horoscopes then it means there is a Naadi Dosh. If both of them have the same Naadi ten it means that there will be a lot of delay in conceiving of the child since it is not good to have the same Prakruti in both the horoscopes. Similarly during matchmaking, if in both the horoscopes if the combination of both Saturn and Jupiter is somehow connected to the fifth house then also there will be a lot of delay in conceiving of the child or other related issues.

Also after the childbirth takes place if the child has some problem or deficiency, if at that point in time mercury is very weak or low then it means they will have some physical problems in the future. In the horoscope, the fifth house is related to the Shukradhatu . which means that if this house is malefic then there is definitely some problem with the reproductive system and there is an imbalance in the reproductive. If Mars is posited in the eighth house in the Prasna chart, it indicates an abortion might happen in the future. Also if Mars is associated with either Saturn or Rahu and posited in Lagna or fifth house, then there it clearly indicates that will be difficulties during delivery.

If Jupiter is aspecting, even though there will be difficulties, there will not be any major losses such. Also if Venus and Mars are either associated with each other or respecting each other, in the prasna chart, it indicates abortion. If Mars aspects Jupiter with his fourth aspect, there will be repeated abortions because of gynecology problems. If Mars is having any relation with the fifth house or fifth lord or Jupiter or fifth from Jupiter, then there can be operation according to the horoscope of that person.

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