Ever wondered how astrologers can predict the future or pinpoint the faults in it? This is possible due to the charts that describe your life from your past life information, your present and even the way you are going to live your future. A Chart in Astrology is like a map or diagram that tells of something like a person’s placement-positioning of planets, celestial bodies, and Rahu-Ketu astrological aspects in it. Charts were hand-made in ancient times. Many Astrology Charts are still commonly handmade in parts of the world, such as India and Nepal, even today, although it is rare now. In Astrology a chart is an absolute life manual of you and your life.
In modern times, it has become easier to obtain your chart and check all possible outcomes of it. Any person can easily extract his-her Chart on the internet, with just the input of his-her date-time-place of birth details. Just like the concept of SWOT analysis, these charts can predict all good and bad happenings of life such as Education, health, peace of mind, employment, business, career, occupation, wealth, matchmaking, marriage, etc. A person should always utilize the good part of the reading of an Astrology Chart and should also take precautionary measures against any risks or vulnerabilities. Basically, there are three types of charts present, i.e. the birth chart and Navamsa chart.
Astrological Birth chart or Natal chart is an astrological chart that displays the position of the sun, the moon, and other planets at the exact time of the birth of a person at a specific place on Earth. To draw a detailed rashi chart birth map, it is necessary to know the date of birth, the exact time of birth and place of birth. The birth chart shows how planets are involved in influencing emotions, personalities, and ambitions.
A Navamsa chart is a division chart in Vedic Astrology that has been given immense importance. In Sanskrit Navamsa means “the Ninth Division”. It is also known as the D9 chart in Vedic Astrology. This chart is considered to be more minute than the birth chart. This chart provides information for fields such as marriage, finance, career, health, etc. We always have to Remember that Navamsa is created from the birth chart. So it can’t yield results that aren’t in the Main Birth Chart. There must be some hint in the birth chart about some event but not that clear. Then only the D9 map can be heard. The Navamsa is considered to be so significant because in any horoscope, the 9th house is considered to be the most auspicious house, and its lord is considered to be the chart’s greatest benefit. The ninth is the house is of prosperity, luck, Dharma.
All the charts have the same basic ingredients and are pretty much the same, that is, the same number of 12 houses, planets, celestial bodies, etc., but they vary in aspects, differ a little in interpretation-analysis, purpose, etc. Thus, a good Astrologer will always read all the three charts before delivering a conclusion.

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