Pregnancy is that time in the life of women where she realizes the true value of her life and the life inside her. A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for. While everyone is talking about the miracle of childbirth and pregnancy, not many talks about the endless pain and discomfort that goes with it. Throughout pregnancy, the body of a woman goes through a lot, and while the female body is designed to handle such an incredible activity, it is never a comfortable journey.
In astrological terms, Jupiter causes problems in conception. It is therefore advisable to fast on Thursdays and worship the banana tree, listen to Thursday’s vrat-Katha and donate yellow things such as bananas or yellow lentils. The other problem could be due to women’s hormonal imbalance, caused by the Moon and Mars. If this happens, keep a fast on full moon nights. offer the Moon white flowers and donate white things such as rice, sugar, milk, etc. If the problem seems to be in the man, they should eat tulsi leaves and seeds in order to increase fertility and chant the mantra “om namo bhagavate vasudevaya” 108 times each day. If your Venus (Shukra) is not positive your pregnancy can lead to problems. Keep your home clean and in order to avoid trouble. It is always said to not get pregnant during the day otherwise the child may be weak physically or mentally. If you dream of having a brave and courageous child, the planet Mars is responsible for it. If mars is affecting in a negative way, try to stay away from red clothes, hand out jaggery and wear a copper bracelet on your right hand. There’s often no medical reason why a couple does not get a child. in this case, have an image of “Balakrishna” and put it in your worship place or temple of your mind. Each morning, with the help of a sandalwood or tulsi bead, chant the Santan-Gopal mantra.
Apart from astrological problems, diet plays an important role in nourishing the baby. Therefore it is important to eat food that provides nutrition and energy to the body by avoiding all processed food and excess of salty and sweet items. Eating a balanced diet with fresh vegetables and fruits along with regular intake of dairy products is considered healthy. Eating green chilies and sour foods can produce bad effects on the baby. Avoid eating and drinking cold things foods that increase fat and gas in the body.
The mental state of the mother can affect the development of the baby. Hence before becoming pregnant, it is necessary not only to become physically healthy, but also to get rid of all mental problems such as anger, greed, or ego. Always respect others, take care of people around you, keep a dog and love it like your own child. Never try to overburden yourself with work and responsibilities. Your first and last priority should be nourishing the life inside you. All these small changes in the mother will sculpt the baby into a beautiful human being.
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