Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, and Sun are described as cruel planets in Vedic astrology. Mars being the cruelest planet of all affects a person’s birth horoscope. Mars is a symbol of fire and hence is the most harmful planet for married life if placed unfavorably. Mars is a planet that represents toughness, violence, courage, anger, energy, power, strength, and resilience. In a horoscope, Mangal Dosha is formed when Mars has a significant effect and influence on all the factors related to marriage and relationships. As per the general definition, “Mangal Dosha is the negativity or malefic effect caused within the birth chart of an individual because of the placement of Mangal (Mars).” This Dosh is caused by the Planet Mars ‘ fiery existence, when it is present in the birth chart of the person in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house. When put in these houses with other inauspicious planets, Mars could become more malefic.
The placement of Mars in the birth chart can affect the person by:

  1. When Mars is in the 1st house : As we know that the first house is the spouse’s house. When a Manglik gets married to a non-manglik, it leads to unnecessary fights between the two, sometimes leading to physical violence.
  2. When Mars is in the 2nd house: The 2nd house relates to wealth and family relationships. The position of mars in the 2nd house makes the person directly opposed to the relatives and causes the partner to separate. Mars, if aspects 5th, 8th, and 9th houses and is put together with the 2nd house, it will have a negative effect on the Manglik’s children.
  3. When Mars is in the 4th house: The planets in the fourth house would professionally affect the person and keep him frustrated with his career, making him move from one job to another. At some point of time, directly or indirectly, he/she will face financial problems.
  4. When Mars is in the 7th house: When Mars is put in the Seventh House, many forms of suffering can be generated. The person may have enemies, unwanted worries, body weakness, and sorrows caused by opposite-sex attraction.
  5. When Mars is in 8th house: In the eight house Mars keeps the person lazy. He will show erratic moods-composed for some time and suddenly lose temper, leaving the family confused. this makes the person highly sexually active and they need a partner to compliment them. When Mars is in this room, the native may be prone to accidents.
  6. When Mars is in 12th house: Mars creates mental instability in the individual and might be haunted by the feeling of failure. The aggression may bring negative personality, creating problems while interacting with others. The presence of mars here will offer the person to engage with other people in illegal unions.
  7. Mangal rules over the signs of Mesha (Aries) and Scorpio (Vrishchika). Mars can deliver positive influence and can give power, strong will, freedom, and self-confidence to an individual. But in majority cases Mangal dosh has negative influence in a person’s life. There are different ways to cancel the ill-effects of Mangal Dosha in the birth chart. To mitigate the negative influences, one may follow the principles of vedic culture. It is always advisable to contact an astrologer for best solutions.

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