Parenthood is one of the most beautiful phases of anyone’s life. We expend sleeplessness, bedtime tantrum, expensive childcare and many more efforts in raising little humans because it can be one of the most gratifying, surprising, hilarious adventures of our lives. All the materialistic comforts and conveniences without a child is worthless, everything else is completely meaningless to them. As soon as a child enters a couple’s life, they dedicate their entire life to nutrition that ‘bundle of joy’. Parents dedicate their whole life watching their ‘little flower’ bloom daily with immense joy. 10 reasons of why parenthood is the most rewarding:

●      The Insane Feeling of Love

●      Value of New Life

●       The Constant Joy of Surprise

●      They make you laugh and smile

●      They make you feel loved and important

●      They follow your example

●      They make you a better person

●      They remind you that one person can make a big difference to someone’s life

●      Share in their successes

Sadly, the joy of parenthood is not as simple as it seems. While some of them after facing several challenges and delays tends to take the last resort available for their parenthood (as per their presumption) by using advanced technologies such as IUI and IVF.

So what is wrong with parents, even if they tried all methods?
Modern medical science has no answer to this question, as there are many situations in the world where both the husband & wife are perfectly healthy to have a child, but they can’t.

Ancient Vedic Astrology analyzes the native’s horoscope to find out what stars store for a number of aspects of the life of that native. But the horoscopes of both the husband and wife are analyzed in case of childbirth issues. Children & Parenting Astrology is an aspect of astrology that makes childbirth prediction and is highly beneficial to those couples who face childbirth delays or complications. Astrologically, houses that are involved in the birth of a child are: 

●      2nd House: It signifies family.

●      5th House: It is the prime house of children.

●      11th House: When along with the 2nd and 5th houses, the 11th house signifies gain of children.

And, houses that negate the positive effects of the above mentioned childbirth are 1st, 4th and 10th. Consequently, in both the husband and wife’s horoscopes, several planets are examined for their outcomes on the basis of a number of factors such as:

●      The houses they are put in

●      Their lordships of houses

●      The aspects they cast and the aspects they are cast upon

●      Their conjunctions with other planets

Positive traits in a horoscope for pregnancy and ultimately childbirth are Presence of a fertile sign in the 5th house and Jupiter aspecting the 5th house.

The best time for childbirth depends on many factors based on the husband & wife’s horoscope review of multiple situations as described above. A couple should therefore consult an experienced astrologer to get their individual horoscopes analyzed in order to determine the best period for childbirth. If there are certain dosha present in any one of their horrorscope, the result might negate. Doshas such as:

●      If a Dosha inflicts either of the horoscopes of the couple, multiple life events/aspects are likely to get severely affected, including childbirth.

●      Wearing an unfavorable gemstone. If a native wears a gemstone that is not conducive to his / her horoscope by some ill advice, it results in turbulence in many aspects of life.
Thus, if you are not able to conceive, even after trying for a large amount of time, it is advisable to check the astrological aspect of child birth efficiently.

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