When choosing a name, the astrological sign should be taken into consideration but sometimes people do not give importance to it and later on find inconveniences in life. If you are someone whose name is not according to their Zodiac Sign but want to avail the benefits of astrology in life, our Spiritual Mentor in India, Dr. Dhara Patel has compiled a list of things you can do to gain the astrological benefits. Come let’s take a look.

1.    Listening to the BijSwar of their Nakshatra

There are a few mantras that can help you gain the astrological benefits. They are called Bij Mantras which are made up of Swar and Vyanjans.  All the Zodiac Signs have their own Mantras. To find the Bij Mantra for your Zodiac Sign, refer the Mantras below.

Aries: Aum Aim KleemSauh

Taurus: AumHreemKleemShreem

Gemini: AumShreem Aim Sauh

Cancer: Aum Ain KleemShreem

Leo: AumHreemShreemSauh

Virgo: AumShreem Aim Sauh

Libra: AumHreemKleemSauh

Scorpio: AumAemKleemSauh

Sagittarius: AumAemKleemSauh

Capricorn: AumAemKleemHreemShreemSauh

Aquarius: AumHreemAemKleemShreem

Pisces: AumHreemKleemSauh

2.    Chanting Nakshatras

If someone has a Mul or JyeshthaNakshatra, they should track these nakshatras and chant the mantras when they occur to gain their benefits.

3.    To gain Health Benefits

Some people are often falling sick and there is a chance that it could be because of not choosing the name according to the Zodiac Sign. Well, people are suffering from this should chant the Mantra according to their JanmaNakshatra. By doing this, their Exoskeleton will gain energy and their immunity will increase eventually.

4.    Solution for Business Growth

There are a lot of people that want to use Name according to their Zodiac Sign. For this, they can identify the powerful house in their horoscope and find the sign and consider a name according to that. Following this can help gain benefits in the business.

And like that, you can gain the Astrological Benefits even when you don’t have a name that is according to your Zodiac Sign.

Even if your name is according to your Zodiac Sign, chanting the mantras can prove beneficial.

If you find all this to take up a lot of your time, you can always consult an expert who can do all the hard and time-consuming work for you. Dr. Dhara – A Leading Horoscope Consultant in India is always ready to help you find the best way to gain benefits from Astrology.