In the olden days, when people were still clueless about how the planets affect us, humans, a Mathematician named Pythagoras was already researching about how the planets move and how do they affect us. During this research he found out that the entire universe is controlled by sound and when there is any movement in the Planets and Nakshatras (constellations) they create a special sound, inside this special sound there is a Swar (vowel) present which is a form of energy and in every word there is a Swar that influences the Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is associated with a specific Swar that influences it. When talking about Swar it has a component called as Bij that affects our whole nervous system when we hear the Bij.

Here is a List of Nakshatras and their Swars according to their Padas.

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Now, let’s take a look at how Sound affects us according to Horoscope.

We have over 72,000 nerves in our Exoskeleton and each Swar is connected to the nerves. Every nerve has it’s dedicated swar for which the nerves react to differently. When we talk about Zodiac Signs and Sounds, the Signs are connected to the Nerves. For example, the Zodiac Sign Aries represents the nerves of the brain. So, when a person whose zodiac sign is Aries hears a Swar or Vyanjan (consonant) that is related to the same sign it has a specific effect on their brain. And like that, every Zodiac Sign represents a different set of nerves which are connected to a different body part.

Our Spiritual Mentor has compiled a list of Zodiac Signs and their representative Body Parts.

1.    Aries – Head, Face, Brain, and Eyes.

2.    Taurus – Throat, Thyroid Gland, and Vocal Tract.

3.    Gemini – Nervous System, Lungs, Arms, Hands, and Fingers.

4.    Cancer – Chest, Breasts, and Stomach.

5.    Leo – Heart, Spine, Spinal Cord, and the Upper Back.

6.    Virgo – Digestive System, which includes Intestines, and the Spleen.

7.    Libra – Kidneys, Skin, Lumbar, Endocrine System, and Buttocks.

8.    Scorpio – Reproductive System, Sex Organs, Bowels, and Excretory System.

9.    Sagittarius – Thighs, Hips, Liver, Pituitary Gland and Sciatic Nerve.

10.    Capricorn – Knees, Joints, Skeletal System, and Teeth.

11.    Aquarius – Ankles, Calves, Shins, and Circulatory System.

12.    Pisces – Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System, and Body Fat.

Apart from this, every nerve that is connected to a zodiac sign has its own exocircles which work like a powerhouse for the signs. The factor of the Zodiac Sign House comes into play when we hear our name being called, it activates the house our sign resides in which gives us strength. But when the Zodiac Sign is associated with Malefic Planets or Malefic Houses like 6th, 8th or 12th house then one should not decide their name according to that because the movement of the consciousness is then influenced by them.

So, this is how Words, Sounds, and Nakshatras are related and can prove to be advantageous or disadvantageous the way you choose your name.

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