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Best astrologer in Ahmedabad Dr Dhara Patel.

Learn the Art of Living Happily with Dr. Dhara Patel

Dr.Dhara Patel is a Spirituality Mentor who guided thousands of people to live their life happily and with motive. She is a celebrity astrologer who believes that consciousness plays a significant role in a person’s life to make it different… Continue Reading →

What to do when your name is not according to Astrology?

When choosing a name, the astrological sign should be taken into consideration but sometimes people do not give importance to it and later on find inconveniences in life. If you are someone whose name is not according to their Zodiac… Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Astrology with Dr. Dhara Patel

Is Astrology a real thing? Do the planets and stars affect our lives? Are Astrological remedies just myths or do they work in real life? If these questions cross your mind every time someone mentions Astrology, then you’re on the… Continue Reading →

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