Our horoscope alone is not enough to decide for the happenings of our whole life. To determine the success of one’s married life three most essential factors that need to be calculated are the Birth chart, Navman’s chart and the Up-Pada chart. Only after looking at the combinations of these three we can predict about someone’s married life. But just looking at any one of these factors is not enough. Sometimes people start perceiving things as written in their birth charts, etc. and create a general perception in their mind that things won’t come their way quickly and hence miss excellent opportunities, this mistake should be avoided by everyone.

People usually look at the seventh house of the birth chart for marriage purposes, but it might lead to incomplete calculations which can result in inaccurate prediction about married life. Hence complete calculations need to be performed to get accurate and precise results. For example, if there is a marriage delay in one’s birth chart, but it is not present in the Navman’s chart , then there it is not actually present in our life , but because of incomplete calculations due to the consideration of only the birth chart one might start feeling that there is a marriage delay in the life which is actually not present. And this might lead to a negative perception in his future life. Hence a single chart is not accurate enough to precisely predict the future. The Up-Pada chart shows the ultimate happenings in life. It shows what will be the consequences of the decisions we make in our life. They are inevitable. It might explain the kinds and reasons for disturbances faced by the couple in their married life and also other things about it.

The birth chart tells how one’s planets will affect his married life. For example, if someone has to go through a divorce, its expansion, factors, and how have the situations leading to the divorce have evolved over time can be easily made out by the Navman’s chart. The Up-pada chart is the ultimate chart which tells the reasons which could lead to divorce in future. Hence Birth chart specifies the impact, Navman’s tells about development and Up-pada tells about whether the event will actually occur or not.

Up-pada chart is used to know about married life situations. If it has the sixth house connected, then there will be health-related issues in their marriage. To handle these problems firstly the Navman’s chart is considered. If some person has an issue with some particular house in the Navman’s chart, then they should donate according to it and stop wearing any stones, related to that specific planet. This will help them and make the situation better than before.