When things don’t work out or they don’t come our way as we had expected them to, then we started blaming our fate for everything that is happening wrong to us. And due to some unfortunate incidents that happen in a person’s life, this becomes a mindset among people that they are ill-fated and they stop working towards their goals.

This mindset of people that they are ill-fated and that fate is responsible for everything wrong that happens to them should change, since every person has a different fate and destiny. For someone who has good fate in studies will score more marks in exams and we can say that he has a very good luck in studies but simultaneously this is also possible that he might not land up in a job of his dreams , it is wrong to think that the person is ill-fated in his whole life since though things did not happen the way he wanted for his job but as far as studies are concerned his fate is still very good. So this is how fate is differentiated. Also, it is very necessary to work in the right direction to achieve the goals. Fate is not the only factor that decides what happens in one’s life.

Hard work and determination towards our life goals are equally important. People who work very hard and go against their fate are still successful in life but they have to work much harder and have to face a lot of problems than what they would have to work if they worked following their horoscopes. Whereas people who take decisions according to their horoscope knowing or unknowingly have an extra advantage as luck always favours them in different ways. Every person has a balanced life and it gives every person a fair share of both good and bad events in life. Neither there is a person who has all the good nor a person who has all the bad. Every decision and step we take in life brings us a new fate. Fate will always come true for every person no matter what. If a person has in his fate to go through financial crisis then either he can let go of things and let them happen as they are or else he could take minor steps that would give him better outcomes, for example, he could start investing in small businesses and this investment could help him later in life. In both of the cases, there will be a shortage of money but the first one will be a loss and the latter one would manifest as an investment. So Free will is always there in everyone’s life and it is taken care of by very minor choices. And these minor choices make a big difference in the life of a person. Every small Decision counts to make way for a long journey and this is how people.


“Everything is written in one’s fate and will always happen for sure”, if this statement was to be true then no one would ever work. Freewill originates different fates, it decides the destiny and it is what ultimately decides what will happen in one’s life. It is directly connected to our life choices, the decisions that we make in our own life. And these decisions finally decide the direction of one’s life, which ultimately leads to the origin of fate. Horoscopes can only be used to tell what situations one will have to face in life and not how the person would react to them or manifest the situation. Two people with the same horoscope might manifest the same situations in quite different ways and hence have very
different fates from each other.


we can use the best of our knowledge and awareness in every minor decision that we make in life to enhance to use free will to enhance our fate. people who work as per their horoscopes and perform activities related to their favourable planets maximize their freewill. This can be done by taking the right steps and being aware of your surroundings. To maximize and get the best out of our fate we need to be aware how what are we best at and what are we capable of doing what others cannot and what makes them different from others. So we should always be conscious and our consciousness is directly related to our fate which will always help us in determining the right path.