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Knowing the Muhurats

Knowing the Muhurats

Muhurats are auspicious time slots defined by nature. These dates are determined after calculating and analyzing the position and movement of celestial bodies. Cosmic energy is apt during these time slots for the accomplishment of specific events in our lives. Important tasks must be carried out on these specific dates and times.

Since ancient Vedic days, Muhurats have been of immense importance and were determined before performing events such as Yajnas to ensure the presence of divine positivity during the auspicious event.

Why do we need Muhurat Dates?

Muhurats follow the laws of nature. The cosmos plays a pivotal role in shaping our present and future. It guides us in carrying out significant events in destined time frames for a positive& desired outcome. By performing tasks at these specific times, we are actually going with the flow and rhythm of the cosmos.

Nature has its own way of warning us against any adversity and guiding us towards happiness and contentment. Hence, we must note the flow of nature & cosmos and do our part to sustain the balance set by the divine power.

There are many occasions for which we need Muhurat dates, for example, Marriage, Mundan, Griha-Pravesh, etc. Dr. Dhara conducts a thorough calculation of various heavenly bodies and studies their movement to determine the auspicious and suitable dates for specific occasions.

Get in touch with Dr. Dhara Spiritual Consultancy to determine the apt Muhurat dates for the important events in your life.