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Know your Destiny Mantra

Know your Destiny Mantra

Mantras have been a source of positive energy, a shield against evil since time immemorial. But what is a mantra and how exactly does it affect our destiny?

A mantra is a chant, word or a sound employed to achieve focus or amplify the energy levels around us while meditating. It is an instrument of the mind that can be used to enter into a state of deep meditation. Chanting of mantras expresses gratitude, devotion and compassion, and wards-off evil while manifesting peace.

Mantras help to alter your habits, impulses and afflictions to gain better control of your mind & body. Mantras, when chanted or spoken, direct the healing power of life energy (Prana). The traditional Vedic practices have been used to achieve spiritual state of consciousness. Recommended Mantras should regularly be chanted to get better result.

Beliefs related to destiny:

  • Luck is not the same for everyone.
  • Destiny can make a person happy or sad.
  • Destiny is the total of a person’s deeds.
  • A person cannot change their destiny on their own.
  • Yes, God himself decides a person’s destiny.

Following are some mantras that can give you control of your life & destiny:

  1. OmBy chanting this Mantra, you achieve harmonic resonance with the universe.
  2. Om NamahShivayaThis is a mantra to build-up self-confidence, reminding that we are made of divine energy and that Lord Shiva is always with us.
  3. LokahSamastahSukhinoBhavantuChanting this powerful mantra inspires compassion, cooperation and living in harmony with fellow human beings and animals.
  4. Shanti MantraA perfect mantra to start something new. It encourages team work aimed at a common goal and attracts peace and a constructive mindset.
  5. Om Gum GanpatayeiNamah-This mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is capable of eliminating obstacles from a person’s life.

There are some mantras that should be chanted by everyone as they attract positive vibes and then there are certain mantras that are directly related to your destiny. Chanting the recommended Mantras brings about spiritual healing.

What is your Destiny Mantra? Consult Dr. Dhara who will read the movement of planets, analyze your charts and tell you your Destiny Mantra.