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Job consultation

Job consultation

Work becomes worship when you do what you love. But finding the dream job in today’s highly competitive world is nothing short of a miracle. When stars are in a favorable alignment and the person is full of steam and possesses a positive mindset landing the dream job becomes seamless.

Have you been working relentlessly yet continually failing to land the right job? Constant interview rejections can be disheartening, reinforcing the negative belief system. This further reduces the probability of scoring a good position. However, you need to keep in mind that the universe will always give you what you desire. Rewiring your subconscious beliefs, embracing grit and determination and harnessing the power of favorable horoscope Yogas can provide you with a career that rings in abundance.

Dr. Dhara studies a person’s horoscope, aptitude, and abilities best suited for a profession before guiding him/her in the right direction on the career path. Miracles happen when the mind and the universe work in sync. Tap your inner positive energy and supercharge your career by getting rational guidance from Dr. Dhara’s Spirituality.