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Astrology and Healthcare

Astrology and Healthcare

The link between Astrology and Health

The concept of medical astrology (Iatromathematics) has been prevalent for centuries. An expert astrologer by studying your natal chart can give an insight into your overall health and health-related problems – current and those you are likely to develop in the future.

Each astrological sign along with sun, moon, and planets is linked with different parts of the human body. Employing this astrological knowledge to your benefit can help you achieve a healthier life.

We’re generally cognizant of our physical well being but we tend to overlook our mental health thanks to our hectic schedules. Paying heed to mental health is of extreme importance as it helps you to make mindful decisions and live a fulfilling life.

Astrology is a mirror which lets us contemplate positive and negative aspects of our being and a practice as simple as reading a horoscope can spread an aura of positivity around you, propagating better health.

How to build a positive aura?

By focusing on the positive aspects and working on eradicating negative thoughts. The mind that whispers a good chant becomes as good as the chant and swaddling your mind in positivity will help you achieve a better state of physical wellness.

Astrology holds a lot more but decrypting it takes time and perseverance. You can always seek guidance from experts who have invested substantial time in the field of astrology.

To understand the deeper benefits of astrology in the context of healthcare, reach out to Dr. Dhara’s Spirituality.