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Aura Reading

Aura Reading

Everything in the universe, living or non-living, gives a colored emanation, which is known as the person, animal, or object’s AURA. The aura surrounding a person not only reflects but also affects his/her state of physical & mental health, vibrations surrounding him/her, and the surrounding multi-dimensional energy.

Every individual has a unique aura field, and it changes according to his/her mood, emotions, intentions, and positivity. It is said that if a person’s aura field resonates with the aura field of the surrounding people and objects, he/she remains active and in good health. On the other hand, an aura field with dull vibrations (absence of bright colors and intensity) can make a person unhealthy and manifest negative events in their life. It must, however, be noted that our aura field changes rapidly as our thoughts and energy level change. When we are feeling low, our aura becomes less intense and dull. When we feel positive, our aura burns bright with suitable colors.

The reason why it is crucial to understand the concept of AURA is that it affects everyone and everything surrounding us and vice versa.

Dr. Dhara’s Spirituality is equipped to scan your aura field, analyze it, and guide you towards a healthier life. The German-designed devices at Dr. Dhara’s Center read your aura field, and detect any negative (health-related) manifestations that are likely to occur (in many cases, even terminal diseases like cancer, heart attack, etc.). By knowing about these complications in advance, the person can opt for Naturopathy, Ayurveda, or Chinese Meridian Therapy, which can help to nip the problem in the bud.

A positive thought process, positive belief system of the subconscious mind and prevalence of positive vibrations surrounding a person – can aid in building a healthy aura field. With precise analysis and exercises to rejuvenate your aura energy field, Dr. Dhara’s spiritual consultancy will help you achieve the abundance and positivity you desire.