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Sade sati (The seven and a half year phase of Saturn’s influence)

As soon as Saturn enters a person’s Zodiac sign, before the Zodiac sign of the moon, the period of Shani-Sade Sati begins. This astrological phase is feared by those who believe in the Indian Astrology system. Since Sade Sati is associated with obstacles and challenges in one’s life, people often seek remedies to control the malefic effects of Saturn in the negative house during this period.

It must be kept in mind that Sade Sati period can be challenging, but it is seldom devastating. In fact, many people achieve massive success during this period. Dr. Dhara spirituality believes that it is the willpower of a person that changes the destiny. As the impact of Sade Sati is perceived and felt differently by different moon signs, different solutions and horoscope remedies are recommended.

Planets, our thoughts, and the energy we radiate are all intricately woven into the fabric of reality. Horoscopes only imply, but do not compel. At Dr. Dhara’s spirituality, we tell you how to cope with malefic planetary alignments and keep growing in the right direction in your career, love, spirit, and self.