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Naamkaran based on Horoscope

Naamkaran based on Horoscope

‘Naam’ in Sanskrit means ‘name’ and ‘Karan’ means ‘to create’. Naamkaran is the ceremony that is performed to name a newborn baby or maybe a new business. However, it is essential to choose a name that is favorable to the Nakshatras and the cosmos.

Zodiac is a 360-degree mythical belt encircling the cosmos. Vedic astrology uses many divisions of a horoscope, of which the ‘Sign’ and ‘Nakshatra’ are the two most important ones. Zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts, and each of them is referred to as a Nakshatra.

A name should be chosen according to relevant Nakshatra and NakshatraPada.

Moreover, the alphabets in a name have a deep impact on the life of a person. Every letter of our name has specific vibrations which have a profound impact on our personality, life events, and achievements. Hence, one should choose a name that influences a person’s life positively. It is said that our soul is connected to the core through the bond of a name.

Dr. Dhara, after a proper analysis of birth-time, calculates the planetary positions to seek and suggest an apt name. Dr. Dhara’s Spiritual Consultancy can help you find the right name for your baby. Also, get in touch with her if you are looking for a suitable name for your business to ensure progress and prosperity.