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Marriage and Married life

Marriage and Married life

Marriages are made in heaven but their success is certainly governed by the couples. Marriages represent an institution of love, loyalty, trust, and personal growth. The sacred union of two souls for a lifetime must be peaceful, prosperous and affectionate.

However, some marriages sometimes end-up in problems. Turmoil in love relationships may result from a negative planetary alignment in the spouse’s horoscope (Dasha and Mahadasha), divergent personalities of the couples, etc. It is possible to address some negative influences in the horoscope through remedial solutions. However, you need the guidance of an expert astrologer to manifest a lifelong peaceful marital relationship.

Dr. Dhara aims to solve issues between couples for a harmonious relationship. She analyzes the personality traits of the two individuals, their temperament, lifestyle and horoscopes to get a better understanding of their personalities and general life pathway. In short, astrology can help to forecast the married life of the two individuals.

Whether the couple has the affinity for each other and possesses common goals and vision for a happy married life and whether they will be able to prosper together can be calculated systematically. Dr. Dhara first conducts a detailed personality and lifestyle analysis, Kundli analysis and study of Chakras of the couple. She then suggests remedies on the basis of Yoga, which help in forecasting a marital relationship, rekindling the love in marriages and bringing a new-found positivity in relationships.