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Know your Dasha

Know your Dasha

An individual’s life is based on the influence of the nine planets. ‘Dasha’ is a Sanskrit word that signifies specific planetary periods and it represents life events such as wealth, marriage, travel, career, activity, health as well as life expectancy. They are calculated on the basis of time and place of birth of an individual. There are 43 Dashas and the nine planets or Grahas control each of these Dashas.

Dasha of Mooltrikon planet is considered to be auspicious while Mahadasha is one of the Dashas in which the planet is most active and transiting through the best time. It can either have a good or bad impact based upon its position in your kundali. Mahadasha can also predict the time of marriage of a person, childbirth in a family, educational accomplishments and professional growth in a person’s life.

What planetary Dasha’s signify

  • Mars: Signifies occupation and it is inclined towards positive influences
  • Rahu: This is a negative dasha that denotes enemies, debts, disease or struggle for existence
  • Jupiter, Ketu, and Sun: Represents losses & possible mishaps
  • Saturn, Moon, and Venus: Signifies gains
  • Mercury: Indicates the likelihood of wedding

Knowing about your current dasha, whether you are passing through a progressive phase in your life or struggling is crucial for making wise decisions. Consult Dr. Dhara who will analyze your charts and provide necessary guidance so that you live your life to the fullest.