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Disorders of the mind

Disorders of the mind

Maintaining the balance of mind is the key to a happy life. Our positive mood and feelings ultimately manifest positive results, while negativity triggers similar events in our lives. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental disorders are symptoms of psychological imbalance. One needs to understand and acknowledge that our mental health is governed by our belief systems and the status of the planetary alignment in our personal horoscope.

Certain incidents in the lives of people make them fall into the trap of depression and clinical anxiety. While the underlying cause may be a Dasha or Mahadasha, it is also the negative belief system of a person that may lead to such issues. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that our thoughts influence our life events profoundly. A constant positive or negative loop of thoughts results in the events of a similar nature. Therefore, any mental disorder or illness can be treated with remedial measures and restoration of mental balance and by taking the right thinking path.

Dr. Dhara dives into the subconscious mind of a person to retrain it. This encourages in them the right belief system required for a progressive life and the right balance of mind essential during adverse happenings.

Another aspect that needs treatment in the case of prevailing depression, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks is to apply the solutions for negative Dasha and Mahadasha. Dr. Dhara conducts an in-depth analysis of the mental problem and recommends the apt belief system training, horoscope correction, Yoga asanas, Pranayam, and positive affirmations for strengthening the subconscious mind of the person.