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Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Are business hitches giving you sleepless nights? Or are you finding it hard to scale-up your income?

For running a business you require the right mindset, zeal, and positive energy. However, sometimes it so happens that entrepreneurs lose focus or take impulsive decisions and the business ends up in losses. All this is directly related to the subconscious and unconscious mind of a person as well as the planetary alignment at the given time.

Businesses, jobs and even relationships can be enriched with the right guidance, training of the subconscious mind, adopting remedies to moderate the effect of malefic planetary movements and acting in sync with the universal law of attraction.

Dr. Dhara believes in assisting clients by understanding their temperament, personality, Horoscope, mindset and doing a chakra analysis. There can be various factors that lead to problems in a business like unsuitable office location, decision-making during negative planetary periods (Dasha) or simply loss of motivation from both employees and the founder’s side.

Let’s understand the theory through an example. You pour in all your energy into brainstorming ideas and managing your business but somehow positive results do not manifest, worse you face setbacks and adverse events beyond your control. Such events occur either because of manifestation of negative energy in the mind or loss of growth mindset, or both.

Dr. Dhara’s spirituality will steer your business towards growth and prosperity through positive affirmations, directing your energy and creativity towards work, aiding you in making the right decisions based on favorable Dashas and by analyzing your subconscious mind.